Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Doughnut Pincushion Tutorial

Sew along Doughnut Pincushion

Supplies Needed
- 2 sheets of different colored felt
- steel wool
- a pen
- sewing pins
- scissors
- sewing needle and thread
- something to trace for the circle shape.

Step 1
To start I picked out which felt I wanted for the doughnut base. Then I folded the felt in half and traced a circle using a bowl. I made sure to use the bottom half that way I would have more felt left if I wanted to make a smaller pincushion later.
- Next I traced a smaller circle in the center for the doughnut hole.
- Cut out the shape
- You should be left with 2 identical flat donuts :)

Step 2
- Now for the frosting. I chose to lay a donut shape down on the felt then trace the middle circle and freehand the shape I wanted for the frosting. 
- Cut it out and then you might want to make adjustments.

Step 3
- Now make sure your doughnut is right side up (pen marking facing down) and sew the frosting to the top of one doughnut piece. You can hand stitch or use a sewing machine like I did.

Step 4
- Put frosting facing down onto the other doughnut piece (right sides together) and sew along the edge of the doughnut.(by hand or with machine) 
- Then turn the doughnut inside out

Step 5
- Now it's time to stuff the donut! I separated 2 pieces of steel wool and stuffed them into the doughnut.

Step 6
- Sew your doughnut together. After the donut is stuffed to your satisfaction you start to hand sew it closed. I stuffed mine pretty full so I had to pull the pieces together tightly while I sewed.

Step 7
- Add colored pins for sprinkles and enjoy!
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cowl/ Infinity Scarf in a night.

I was inspired by the caron yarn site in making a "cowl" or infinity scarf, she used a huge crochet needle and 4 skeins of yarn!! The largest needle I have is a 9.00 mm and I didn't think four different yarns would fit on my not so huge hook, so I modified it :) Very VERY quick, simple and if I may say so stylish! :)

*excuse my awkward modeling... I will get better pics soon!

If you want to make it here is the pattern!

Materials Needed:
  • 9.00 mm yarn needle
  • 2 skeins of medium yarn (I used 1 half of each color in the red heart brand :) hehe left overs)
  • yarn needle (to attach two ends)
  • scissors

Special Stitch-Triple Crochet= YO, YO insert into st draw up loop draw through 2 loops, YO draw through 2 loops, YO draw through last 2 loops

-Grab from both skeins and create a slip knot with both colors, you don't need to twist them then crochet as normal

-Ch 15 turn ch3 15 triple crochet (tc)
*continue until desired length... I did 40 rows you can do more or less :)

-when you reach your desired length cut and use yarn needle to connect ends as if sewing.

As you can tell this pattern is very very flexible! ENJOY!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

2 Hour Basic Beret

The beret I gifted to my lovely friend Zandra- Who is an excellent hat model!

I saw a beret online with a a bow, and I attempted to make it, but it came out a little too puffy for my liking, so I made up my own pattern!!! OK so this is my first attempt at writing one of my patterns, usually I just kind of go with it, so this could be more of a guideline! Let me know if you try it and send a pic and I will post it!!!

Skill Level: Easy

Materials Needed:
-1 skein of medium yarn I used the red heart brand if you want bulky this pattern will need to be changed
-size H hook (5.00mm)
-yarn needle
-some sort of yarn marker to keep track of your rows

-The hat laid flat with the brim on the bottom should be around 10 inches diameter
-Brim diameter laid flat should be about 6 inches from end to end
* if any of these measurements are too small you can add more rows increasing or decrease less

Stitches used:
- Single Crochet (sc)
- Double Crochet (dc)
- Puff Stitch (ps)= YO insert hook into st, YO draw up loop YO insert hook YO draw up loop YO draw
through all stitches and then sc

Ch 4, join

6 ps in center

Row 1: 2 ps in each st (12 st)
Row 2:  2 ps in each st (24 st)
Row 3: 1 ps in each of next 3 st, then 2 ps in next st continue till marker
Row 4: 1 ps in each of next 3 st, then 2 ps in next st continue till marker
Row 5: 1 ps in each of next 4 st, then 2 ps in next st continue till marker
Row 6: 1 ps in each of next 4 st, then 2 ps in next st continue till marker
Row 7 and 8: 1 ps in each st till marker
Row 9: 1 ps in each of next 3 st, then 2 ps in next st, continue till marker
Row 10: 1 ps in each st till marker
Row 11-12: begin decrease- 1 ps in next 3 st ,then skip 1 st repeat till marker
Row 13: 1 ps in next 2 st, then skip next st repeat till marker
Row 14: 1 ps in each st
*You can decrease less if the opening is too small, be cautious of the size while you make it, I try mine on every so often to make sure it is the right fit.

sc in each st till marker
dc in each st till marker
* If you want a larger brim continue to  dc until desired length

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Gift :)

I couldn't find a free pattern for a dinosaur hat, but my nephew Isaiah told his mom that that is what he wanted, so I came up with this! I am probably going to remove the teeth because they  look a little creepy!

Hats, Hats and More Hats!

Puff Stitch Slouchy Beanie
Kyle's Earflap Hat

Slouchy Beanie

Beret with Bow

Elf Hat


Hello Everyone!!

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